How to use openUrl to send an email

Meeting SDK Type and Version
Meeting SDK Type and Version: zoom-apps-js-sdk.0.13.0

I would like to add a ‘Contact us’ button to my app, which will open the user’s default email client - similarly to how a link on a web page works where the href is using mailto (e.g. <a href="> contact us .

  • Do I need to use the openUrl API or some other API?
  • If the openUrl API, how should the url param look like?
  • Which url should I whitelist in the app settings - the email providers (e.g. our company domain (e.g. something else?

When I tried to use openUrl with I got the erro shown in the attached screen:
This web site at does not belong to a domain trusted by Zoom App Marketplace. Please consult your account admin to evaluate any security risk before proceed further.

I’ll appreciate any input on this.

no error - that the intended behaviour

in the “Meeting SDK for Web 2.50” you can configure this page (-> join meeting)

Parameter in init to enable and configure an intermediary page for users clicking external hyperlinks

but I don’t know about “zoom-apps-js-sdk.0.13.0”