Zoom Jsonrpc API: This API does not support oAuth2 for authorization

I’m trying to move functionality, previously based on JWT authentication to OAuth, and it seems like everything works fine now, but I have noticed that whenever I issue “join a meeting” request (Zoom Rooms API) I receive this error(works fine with JWT → https://api.zoom.us:443/v2/rooms/{id}/meetings):

401 : [{“code”:124,“message”:“This API does not support oAuth2 for authorization.”}]

I’ve tried to edit the OAuth Server-to-server app scopes, but maybe it’s more complicated than that, or the functionality isn’t going to be supported for OAuth, so I wanted to check if there’s something I should do about it, or if the migration isn’t fully complete yet or something…

Thank you!

Hi @maksym.rossiitsev
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
There are new APIs that support the Server to Server OAuth for Zoom Rooms

Could you please take a look into this and let me know if this helps?

Ok, I see, thank you!
I will take a look at it now, just one small question first - does this mean that the “old” API is going to be deprecated soon also? Or is it only RPC that won’t work with OAuth?

Ok I have checked the APIs you have shared and yes - this is the one we’ve been using thus far.
However, we are also using RPC endpoints for ZR controls (join meeting using PMI, end meeting, restart ZR client etc) and it doesn’t seem that these endpoints work with OAuth…

So my question is - is it official that there’s no OAuth support for such functionality, or is it something that we can expect to work in future?

Thank you!

Hi, I think we have the same problem. We are migrating python programs that invite some rooms when a meeting starts in a master room using
url = ‘https://api.zoom.us/v2/rooms/’ + MainRoomID + ‘/meetings’

params = {‘jsonrpc’: ‘2.0’,
‘method’: ‘invite’,
‘params’: {“callee”: AuxRoomID}}

It works perfectly with JWT, but OAuth causes an error: “This API does not support oAuth2 for authorization.”

Should we use another API for this functionality? Thanks.

Looks like the equivalent operations are now part of Use Zoom Room controls (PATCH /rooms/{id}/events) with different values for method. I don’t see a documented equivalent for the callback_url parameter, so you might need to experiment to find an alternative.

Thank you, Christopher. That did the trick! :slight_smile:

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