Zoom Room: Join a meeting using Oauth

I want a zoom-room to join (and end) a meeting programmatically. The api should be called from an independent script (not necessarily running on the same host machine as the zoom room app)

When using JWT, this was successfully achieved by calling these APIs:

I’m not able to find the right API to do the same using Oauth APIs.

How can this be achieved?

Overall use case → monitor health of the zoom room:
Start a meeting in the zoom room and monitor it’s health. Once done, end the meeting.

Hey @amandeepchugh ,

This is a great question, give me some time to find out what we can do do keep your use case working.



Sure. Eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Hey @amandeepchugh ,

Thanks for the patience! At the moment, we do not have Oauth Zoom Room API equivalents, we are working on a solution that should be released in the future, though I do not have a timeline.