Zoom Live Transcription server transfer with a bot and an OAuth app: Is our current implementation appropriate for future deployment?


We are in the process of developing a feature to transfer the Live Transcription (LT) content of Zoom meetings to our web server in real-time. This feature is central to our new service, which we plan to offer to the general public.

Current Situation:

Based on the official documentation, we have built an alpha version that uses a Windows Bot to send LT to our web server. However, to utilize this implementation to transfer the LT from each of our customers’ Zoom meetings to our server, it appears necessary to publish an OAuth app on the Zoom Marketplace. Our OAuth app’s role is simply to authenticate the Bot to obtain the LT, but we are questioning whether we must go through the process of publishing an app just for that authentication.


We aim to transfer the LT from our customers’ Zoom meetings to our server in real time, process that information, and display it to our customers. Is the current combination of an OAuth app and a Bot the best method for our purposes, or is there a more appropriate approach?

We would greatly appreciate any opinions or advice regarding our approach.


Hello @daijufujita

Thank you for your request, I am happy to say this is completely acceptable for our platform. Please submit at your earliest convenience.

Regards, Kwaku

Hello @kwaku.nyante,
Thank you very much for your instant reply.

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