Zoom Management API to upgrade and restart Room Devices

Within Room Admin it is possible to upgrade Zoom App running on particular device.

Also when editing specific room it is possible to restart a Zoom app.
It is possible to restart the Zoom Room Computer.
Possible to adjust Microphone , Advanced Noise Suppression and Speaker settings.

Looking at the /rooms/{roomId}/devices I cannot find any of this functionality exposed.
Is this functionality exposed via API ?

And if not, any plans for this

Hey @emelomed,

Checkout the Zoom Room endpoints here which have most of what you are looking for:



Thanks @tommy .
Few more questions:
Yes I see the Restart functionality .

I can also see the ā€œzConfiguration Client appVersionā€ that has ability to report the version of the app used by a device.
How do then I go about implementing the Upgrade ? Is this to do the Set on the client version ?
And how I figure out which version to Set ?

Hey @emelomed,

To upgrade the Zoom Room Controller / Meeting Display, you need to do so on the Zoom Web Portal.

To restart you can use this endpoint: