Zoom Room Management

Is there a room management API endpoint? I would like to set and retrieve rooms settings for our 100+ rooms programmatically. Specifically thinking their SIP settings.

Hey Dennis, thanks for reaching out!

Might this be what you’re looking for?

Let me know if that helps!

I don’t think so, none of the endpoints seem to allow me to edit the settings of a room - for example, enable or disable “Upcoming meeting alerts” or change the Room Location

We don’t have a Zoom Room “API” currently. The links that Tommy shared is to our CLI interface that can manage a Zoom Room.

We will be adding Zoom Room APIs in the future but there is not currently a solid timeline for that.

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Thanks, that would be great. Current use case is we want to try changing out our SIP settings. Having to do that manually for each room via the UI will be time consuming, and a reversion in an emergency would take too long. Thanks!

Agreed, we want to make that easier. It should be in the near(ish) future. :slight_smile: