Request for expedited App Marketplace Review


We submitted V1 of the Squire Zoom app in April. It was not fit for purpose and was rightly refused on multiple occasions.

Since then we re-architected the Squire Zoom app and have thoroughly tested it for multiple scenarios. There is one identified issue, which does not stop usage but can require the user to do a quick refresh loop. We have opened another ticket on that matter and hope to have it rectified asap.

I am asking is it possible to get the new Squire Zoom app reviewed asap? We submitted it last Friday so I guess it has been under review for around 48 hours if we do not count the weekend.

Please let me know if this is possible because we urgently need to publish this application.

Thanks in advance,

@elisa.zoom and @kwaku.nyante ,

We have just been rejected once again and unfortunately it looks like it was due to the reviewer not following the release notes and the straightforward in-app directions.

I provided as detailed step by step instructions in the release notes as I possibly could, especially considering there is a character limit in the release notes.

I’m going to record a loom video of how to use this app and re-submit it for review.

This app has been tested and is robust, we need to have it live for commercial reasons by Thursday 1st Sept. If not, we will lose our biggest client, the key client who has made us invest so much time and resources into integrating with Zoom.

Please can I ask one of you to step in and review our app with a clear head and hopefully pass the review process tomorrow.



Thanks for reaching out, I haven’t been available for the past 3 days do to conjunctivitis just getting back today, We will try our best to get your app reviewed as soon as possible but we cannot gurantee anything unfortunately.

Regards, Kwaku

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Hi @kwaku.nyante ,

Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. I really appreciate you trying to get this through asap. As you might remember, we’ve been trying to get this app published since April. We had a bunch of problems with it at the start of that process and we switched developers and re-built the application from the ground up.

We were confident that we would get through the process approval but it was rejected again yesterday. It seems like our instructions were not clear enough. I’ve recorded a couple of instructional videos and reduced our scopes are requested, and resubmitted the application.

If the app isn’t approved this time, we will likely lose our biggest client, the client who requested we integrate with Zoom in the first place.

If there is anything, anything at all I can do to speed up this process, please let me know.

there is one issue which we’re aware of and have a separate ticket open with @elisa.zoom to try and fix it - this only happens the very first time the user uses the Squire Zoom video app. The user needs to restart cloud recording for the app to function correctly at this time. They see a message explaining this and directing them to restart the cloud recording.


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