Zoom Marketplace Contract / Agreement Questions

We are reviewing the contract that we must sign before being able to submit an app to the Zoom Marketplace and have some questions:

  1. The Date of the agreement is ________, 2018 -, shouldn’t this be updated to June _____, 2019 - or the current date so that the contract isn’t back dated?

  2. Section 6(b) has two defined terms that we can’t find anywhere. The section deals with termination and what gives Zoom the right to terminate a marketplace app. Zoom has the right to terminate the agreement if the client doesn’t complete a Milestone by a Completion Date. Is there a place where we can find the definition of these terms? Guessing that a milestone is a software release, but not sure what that release would be, or what the completion date is. We can’t find a definition for the “Milestone” or “Completion Date.”

  3. The agreement is for 3 years with no auto renew. What is the process for renewing a Marketplace App?


Hi @torshdev,

Can you please send this request to developersupport@zoom.us ? We will assist you on that platform.