Zoom Marketplace security review (jquery 3.1.1.)

I have a Zoom app ready for publication. It has passed functional review. For security review, I was informed app uses jquery 3.1.1. and needs to have the latest version.
The app is built on bubble.io (low-code builder) and so underlying coding language is outside my control. The app is built, tested and this is the only blocker.
Does anyone know of a solution/ work around? Is there a security header or something I could add that would satisfy Zoom’s requirement? (I saw on the forum others mentioned building for Zoom with bubble so surely there must be some solution)
I’ve invested several months into this app, I am so close and I fear this sends back to square 1.

jquery 3.1.1 is released September 2016 - bubble.io are using this old version also on their website

it looks like the bubble support can’t fix the problem

this means that if you want to develop zoom apps, you can’t use bubble at all.