Whats happen with Zoom App Security Review?


We successfully completed the functional test for our application and proceeded to submit it for a security review on July 22nd. Could you please provide us with information regarding when the security review process will begin?

It would be greatly beneficial if you could offer an estimated timeline for when our app might be published.

This is a critical feature for our product which we have already launched.

Thank you!

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Hi @neuromaptech! The App Security Team begins reviews within 72 hours. We started your review on July 25th, and we should have an update on your review before the end of the week.

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I have got strange answer from support
I submitted the Zoom application for review, and your support or the person who reviewed it responded after three days as follows.
"Integration Issues I am not able to find “Teal.one Meeting Tool” in zoom app marketplace. "

Please advise. Could you please expedite the process and clarify what the issue is?
My application cannot be in the Zoom store because the application has not been published. Please expedite this process in any way you can.

An App Security Review is a crucial process to ensure the protection of sensitive data and user information. It involves a comprehensive examination of an application’s security measures, addressing iso 27001 requirements for information security. This evaluation helps identify vulnerabilities, potential threats, and areas for improvement. By conducting an App Security Review, businesses can enhance their cybersecurity posture, instilling confidence in users and stakeholders, and ensuring compliance with industry standards for data protection.