Zoom meeting IPs mentioned in the official doc are not exhaustive

Zoom has listed the IPv6 address ranges and ports that it uses for Zoom here

But I found that there are some IPv6 addresses which are not listed but are being used by the Zoom during a Zoom call. The IP address ranges listed in the official doc are not exhaustive.

I want to differentiate Zoom network traffic on the basis of IPs in an IPv6 environment. Could you please help me with this ?

Hi @nainesh , welcome to the Zoom Dev community :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing this up. I’ll work with our team to check where we need to update this doc.

Hi Michael ! Thanks for quick reply. Correct firewall rules are crucial. When should I expect IPs and ports to be updated in the document ?

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Hi @michael.zoom , any updates?

Hi @michael.zoom, just reaching out to check if there are any updates !

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Can you specify what IPv6 ranges you are seeing that are not covered by that document?

Hi Max M.,
Thank you for reaching out.

On one such zoom call, I found the traffic from the following network
IP - 2403:0:900:39:8000::9020
Port - 52668.