Zoom Meeting - Missing Meeting Records

I am extracting past Zoom Meeting data and have inconsistent sources of data.

My first source (a temporary means) came from CSV extracts of the Dashboard under the Admin section of the company profile (which could only be accessed by Admin or roles with additional permissions). This returns a result very similar to Get Meeting Reports via Zoom API

My second and main source came via the following order of cURL requests:

  1. Get Users (active and inactive) https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/users/users
  2. Get Meeting Reports (from all user IDs) https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/reports/reportmeetings
  3. Get Meeting Participants Reports (from all meeting IDs) https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/reports/reportmeetingparticipants

For October 2019 the CSV source has 5182 meetings but Meeting Reports returns 4709 meetings for the same time period. Likewise November 2019 has 4575 to 3955 meetings respectively. There does not seem to be any pattern of what the source of this problem could be. I have checked that this is not an issue regarding the date period or missing users.

An example below is Aaron which had a meeting from the CSV extract

However in the cURL request for the same period, I do not get that meeting reported which should exist as the second meeting returned (but I still get every other meeting Aaron hosted in October):
but I can still look up/reference his meeting by Get Meeting Participants:

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
Admin Dashboard
JWT for cURL

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
I can privately email/send a CSV of unreferenced October meeting records as well as October exports from the two sources

Hey @alastair.chin,

The CSV you are generating aligns with the Dashboard endpoints. Have you tried using the dashboard endpoints?

As for the report endpoints, it is possible as mentioned in the docs: “Meetings will only be returned in the response if the meeting has two or more unique participants.”


Awesome, thanks @tommy! Were there any advantages of using Dashboards over Reports endpoints and vice versa?

All the records have participant counts of two or greater.

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Happy to help @alastair.chin!

For the most part they share the same data, except the Dashboard endpoints include some quality of service info, and Reports include more report centric data. Checkout the response body of the Dashboard endpoints to see if they include the data you are looking for.

Also the Get Dashboard Meetings endpoint returns all meetings, so you don’t have to make additional requests as you stated above to the users endpoints.


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So I used the new call which returns 5194 rows, but that is different to the total_records being reported.
To add to the confusion the CSV I took for the same period returns 5182 rows. Any thoughts?

Extract of the request below:
“from”: “2019-10-01”,
“to”: “2019-10-31”,
“page_count”: 18,
“page_size”: 300,
“total_records”: 5241,
“next_page_token”: “MtGsr7bHaEqvUMRYLr7fbd3I2V8zhHznkf2”


Hey @alastair.chin,

So it is about 12 rows? Due note that the Get Dashboard Meetings only returns that past 6 months of meetings.


Yes so theoretically 12 rows difference between the dashboard csv export and dashboard meetings call. However comparison script returns 88 rows difference

On a positive note, using Get Dashboard Meetings is a much more reliable call for my context as the 400+ missing rows were hosted by our Zoom Meeting rooms, which do not have an assigned Zoom User, therefore couldn’t be referenced via Get Meeting Reports

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Hey @alastair.chin,

Good catch about the Zoom Room meetings.

What do you mean here?


Hi @tommy

I have the results of Get Meetings Dashboard saved in one dataset and results of the CSV export as a second dataset, both of which for the October 2019 period.

The difference between the datasets was 88 rows more in the CSV export.
Or Get Meetings Dashboard is a subset of the CSV export

Hey @alastair.chin,

I see thanks. Is that something you want us to look into further?


It’s something I’m not too worried about but will let you know if plans change

Thanks @tommy

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Sounds good @alastair.chin,

Let me know if you see anything strange and we will take a look.


I have been seeing ghosts at work. They write strange cryptic messages on our whiteboards and leave the taps running


Might want to get that checked out! :wink:


I have the same issue with missing some meetings when using the Dashboard API list meetings vs CSV export from the admin site. I know the data form Dashboard API is in GMT and but the missing meetings range from 8AM-6PM, about 85 of them.
Here are some of missing meetings from Dashboard API list meetings with from date 2020-08-12 and to date 2020-08-12

Hey @allen.yang,

To confirm, the meetings you shared are not present in the List Meetings Dashboard API, but are present when exporting via CSV?


Hey @tommy, yes, that is correct but we have figured out the CSV export also includes the webinar meetings, which requires a separate API call. I think we are fine now. Thank you for the response!

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Happy to hear you figured it out!

Let me know if you need anything else! :slight_smile: