Zoom Meeting SDK - Auto user joining issue


Hi , So I’ve implemented the onReminderNotify cb for the c# wrapper

I see no logs , It means this cb is not triggered I guess could be two reasons to that , Either I implemented it wrong in the c++ or there is no meeting reminder prompt that blocks the bot from joining.

An important thing to say is that if I run manually the c# wrapper from the visual studio as Windows application with UI forms , I can join to the meeting after setting the meeting id and password and generating JWT token , But when running as a background process it still doesn’t work and again , It used to.


Hi ,

Any news ?

@eladw before joining meeting, I’m doing something like this
I’m also providing the sample for MeetingReminderListener cpp and h file.

	// set event listnener for prompt handler 
	IMeetingReminderController* meetingremindercontroller = m_pMeetingService->GetMeetingReminderController();
	MeetingReminderEventListener* meetingremindereventlistener = new MeetingReminderEventListener();


#include "MeetingReminderEventListener.h" // Include the header file you've created
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <iostream>

// You might need to include additional headers here if required

// Implement any necessary functions or methods

// This is just a placeholder implementation to show how the header might be used


     void MeetingReminderEventListener::onReminderNotify(ZOOMSDK::IMeetingReminderContent* content, ZOOMSDK::IMeetingReminderHandler* handle) 
        if (content)
            // Handle the reminder dialog content
            ZOOMSDK::MeetingReminderType type = content->GetType();
            const zchar_t* title = content->GetTitle();
            const zchar_t* dialogContent = content->GetContent();
            bool isBlocking = content->IsBlocking();
            std::cerr << "title :"  << title<< std::endl;
             std::cerr << "dialogContent :"  << dialogContent<< std::endl;
            // You can implement your logic here based on the reminder type, title, content, and whether it's blocking
            // For demonstration, let's print the reminder details
            // wprintf(L"Reminder Type: %d\n", type);
            // wprintf(L"Title: %ls\n", title);
            // wprintf(L"Content: %ls\n", dialogContent);
            // wprintf(L"Is Blocking: %s\n", isBlocking ? L"Yes" : L"No");
            // Handle the reminder actions (ignore, accept, decline) if needed
            if (handle)
                // For demonstration, let's accept the reminder

#include “meeting_service_components/meeting_reminder_ctrl_interface.h” // Assuming this header includes the required definitions
#include “zoom_sdk.h”

class MeetingReminderEventListener : public ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::IMeetingReminderEvent

virtual void onReminderNotify(ZOOMSDK::IMeetingReminderContent* content, ZOOMSDK::IMeetingReminderHandler* handle);