Zoom Meeting SDKhandling popup


I have integrated the Zoom meeting SDK to my web app (embedded). Its java based web app with JS and bootstrap 4.0 at client side.

Everything looks good until I found that popups that emerge when clicked on the options go behind the zoom popup dialog.

I realized this is more to do the with z-index, css element. It is conflicting with the web app’s z-index value.

I checked the forum before posting this. People say not to change z-index value of the react app that come with SDK. I tried to work with div Ids or class names of react js code, but they are dynamic. I could not rely on them.

I am sure such issue should have come to many of the developers integrating the ZOOM meeting SDK to their web app.

Can you please suggest me the direction for the solution.

Harish Alwala

@harish.alwala , you should not change the CSS and ZIndex for Meeting SDK on Web.

If you would want customised your application, I would recommend looking at Meeting SDK Web Component View, or Video SDK for Web