Zoom Meeting SDK in Iframe


I have worked with Meeting SDK to embed in my web app. Everything works fine but, the only problem was with pop ups goes behind the zoom screen. That means Z-index issue. As recommended, I restricted myself to avoid touching the SDK css files.
But I did not find any other alternative.

I believe this should be the problem for everyone who is embedding zoom meeting sdk. Are there any solutions?

In some forums, it is recommended to use reactjs components. But my application is not built on reactjs. So I can not take that direction. Can I still use this option. My understanding with this option is to rebuild similar zoom screen using the components. Am I correct?

The only other option I think should work is to use Iframe. So my question is, do you recommend to use Iframe to embed zoom meeting sdk?

If yes, are there any examples so that I can work on this.

@harish.alwala , it is not recommended to use Z index, as it will break the UI, causing some of them to be hidden behind your main UI. This might cause a deadlock as users will not be able to interace with these UI prompts.

If you want to, you can run it within an iFrame

Thanks for response. I worked as per your best practice guide and it is working fine. However, I have few problems which I was not able to figure it out.

I have created div in the Iframe (with some fixed % width and height) and passed this div onload() function of the html mentioned in Iframe. I could able to get the zoom content in the div.

The problem here is, when I switch to various views like Gallery view and Speaker view, the size of the zoom content div is changing as per the selected view.

On such changes, I am not able to set the same dimensions to the parent Iframe, because of which, say for Gallery view, some part of the zoom div content is hidden in the Iframe.

Is there a way to get the dimension of the zoom content div on change, so that I can update the same dimensions to parent Iframe dynamically.

I believe this should be problem with many users.


Can some one respond to me please.