Zoom Meeting UUID is invalid


I have one meeting by ID: and on webhook I received this UUID gNOhTkNGTiOY4tZfh1bF6Q==

But on hitting /metrics/meetings/gNOhTkNGTiOY4tZfh1bF6Q==/participants, I am getting

    "code": 3001,
    "message": "Meeting does not exist: gNOhTkNGTiOY4tZfh1bF6Q==."

But same api is giving response on meeting id /metrics/meetings/97724315389/partipants, I am getting the list of users

Why is it happening?

@elisa.zoom Please check this out

Hi @vivek.kairi

I can see that this meeting had only one participant.
Remember to pass the query parameter type=pastOne when calling this endpoint with meetings with only one participant

Hope this helps,

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