Requests for meeting details and meeting participants don't match

I am making two requests of the api.

past_meetings – returns fine for UUID y3O372OEQkC+07LDwUL2bQ==, and it turns participants_count of 2, duration of 5, and total_minutes of 6. The topic etc are all present.

past_meetings/UUID/participants however does not return a specific error, but just no data, for the same UUID – instead it only returns total_records 0, just complete nothingness, and participants is empty as well.

Thanks in advance for help and guidance.

Hi @kevinhtre
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum and welcome to our community!
Happy to help here!
Could you please confirm with me if you were able to troubleshoot this issue on your end?
If my understanding is correctly, you are having issues calling the past_meeting/{meetingUUID}/participants endpoint?