Zoom Moodle Plugin not returning Meeting details

We are creating new meetings via Zoom Moodle Plugin from our Moodle website. But in many cases, it so happens that the meeting details are not being fetched by the Zoom Moodle plugin. It returns no data and hence students are not able to join the meeting. This is happening quite frequently. Please check these meeting ids for e.g.- 88671534714 and 89523627608.

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I recommend reaching out to the developers of the Zoom Moodle plugin. If they determine there’s an issue with the Zoom API they can reach out to us directly.

The reason for this is that they should be able to provide more detailed information on the specific API requests that are failing as well as details of how the app operates.

You can find more information on the plugin here: Moodle plugins directory: Zoom meeting

It looks like there is a bug tracker here: Issues · ncstate-delta/moodle-mod_zoom · GitHub