Zoom Oauth App Approval for a Publishable URL


  • Request for Publishable URL denied due to missing supporting evidence*

I want to run a close beta for my OAuth App and had requested for a publishable URL but the request wasn’t approved as it failed the Security and Compliance review. The notification says that supporting evidence is missing but do not provide additional detail on what’s missing.

I had provided the following evidence in my submission:

  1. SSDLC and SAST evidence: I had provided screenshots of my application undergoing code scanning via a SAST tool
  2. Data Encryption: I had provided screenshots that show my application data lives in AWS S3 and DynamoDB which provide server side encryption
  3. Security and Privacy policy: I had submitted the privacy policy (url) and also added excerpts from the policy that support my attestation in the TD section.

Can you provide me more context as to what was missing in my submission and what other documentation do I need to provide?

Hi @ej19
Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
You can contact the Zoom Marketplace Team with any questions about the TDD or review process at: marketplace.security@zoom.us.

You can inquire directly with them about the reasons why your request was denied, even though you provided evidence in your submission.