Zoom oAuth token issue

good morning Everyone,

i am trying to finish the move over for our clients from the JWT to the oAuth, i have everything up and running except for the token grab piece. currently the way the client is set up we are using PHP files to access this piece as they have used this same thing for other integrations. i have everything set up and running, got to the log in piece, logged in successfully, and clicked allow, normally from this point, the php file is set to look for the “bearer” in the return results and store the token in a file on the server. but no matter what i change or try, it cant seem to find the bearer string. is there anyone that can assist with this part?

below is the part of the PHP file that im working with.

//look for "bearer" in returned results 
	$findStr = 'Bearer';
	$status = strpos($result, $findStr);

//get time and add 1 hour 45 minutes
	$date = new DateTime('now');
	$date->add(new DateInterval('PT1H45M'));
	$datestamp = date_format($date, "Y/m/d H:i:s");

//if bearer is not found display error, else save the results and display "success"
	if ($status === false) {
		echo 'Error 2, authorization code invalid';}
	else {
		file_put_contents($file, $datestamp . " " . $result);
		echo "You have successfully authorized your account, You may close this page";}

Hi @techsupport2
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum and welcome to our community!
Could you please share with me how are you generating the access token?

I am currently trying to switch over out JWT integration we use with our organization with the new oAuth, and I am having issues. I have successfully generated the token, and stored it, but when I try to use the token to send over data for meeting sign up, I get a time out issue that there was no response to zoom in 5 minutes. Is there something I am doing incorrectly? Is there a particular scope I need to use for this? What we do is send data to zoom that puts people in the meeting that was previously set up. Thank you so much and let me know any information you need from this. Currently we use PHP coding to send the data.

if needed please email me at jmcaninch@cccsoft.com

Hi @techsupport2
I see.
could you please share with me how are you making the request to generate the access token?
The entire request url please so I can take a closer look into this

good morning Elisa,

is there a more direct way that i can communicate with someone to give this data? i am on a time crunch to finish this before the jwt app is rendered mute. the issue is the use of token in the data send php file, its only returning a “no response” error. and i dont know what is causing the issue, and i need some assistance. thank you so much and let me know!

james mcaninch

Hi @techsupport2
I will send you a private message, please share that information with me there, I can help you look into it