Zoom password - option to remove from join link pwd, or remove password from email?

If you have registrants and they have their own unique join link what is the point of telling them the password? Its fine listing it under Telephone, but why also next to Click Here to Join if it can’t be used? Its leading to where do I type the password questions, when they don’t need to…

It only seems useful if you stop the confirmation link and manually send them the join link removing the encrypted pwd param from the query string?




Hey @neil.freeman,

Simply don’t set a password when you are creating the meeting. You can also turn the require password off in your settings.


This is super interesting!
One thing which annoys a host/admin is following

  1. The host sends out invite
  2. Many people are going to join.
  3. Its a closed group and there is no worry of even an intruder entering becuase nothing seriously is going to be discussed to worry about. In short, the intruder will waste his own time
  4. People start entering the zoom meeting but each gets waitlisted!
  5. Now the host speaker may be busy speaking or doing something else or maybe the meeting has not even begun
  6. But the host has to keep clicking “Admit All” ! I mean WTH? Thats so annoying!
  7. Now lets say someone gets logged out due to some network issue. That fellow tries entering again! Again the host has to click on “Admit”. This goes on as its a large group of people who are around and every 5 minute someone is going to get logged out!!! super annoying
  8. After 40 min everybody gets logged out! Why? The Zoom meeting is forced to end at 40 min mark
  9. Now host has to again do the creating of meeting formality all over again! WTH? man!
  10. Again the annoying thing of “Admit All”
  11. The visitors are also getting annoyed as they wait for the Admit from host!

This continues in every meeting!

In some competitors software too this issue of “Admit” is present! But here is the difference.
e.g. Google Meet : once a person is admitted, he does not have to seek the Admission permission again if he ever got disconnected! At least one less headache to deal with

I know someone is going to suggest remove the meeting password!

Let me preempt that !
Nope my dear NOOOO
That setting is grayed out!

The Require a password for Personal Meeting ID (PMI) setting has a toggle switch but it is grayed out.
“Locked by admin”
But hey I am THE ADMIN

I never did this!

Who did?

Some how I am unable to attach the screenshot kept in a word doc

Hey @neelkoss,

Sounds like you have the Waiting Room enabled. Simply turn it off.

The meeting will still be secured via the password. :slight_smile:


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