Zoom Phone Outbound Calling Exceptions?

Is the Outbound Calling endpoint deprecated or what is it used for? It seems like its used for adding exceptions for things such as block list etc but unsure?

The reason I ask is it seems like a feature I may want to utilize but I got the following when attempting to test:
Error Code: 13504
You do not enable the outbound calling policy setting.

And I did my best searching through the admin panel to find such a setting but was unable to do so.

@ctc.aaron ,

Hi, Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. To start, are you referring to the add account level outbound calling exception rule endpoint below :

Add account level outbound calling exception rule


Changing Zoom Phone policy settings

What setting exactly is the endpoint referring to is the question?? Its crazy how vague Zoom support is on everything.

Could be outbound caller id, could be external calling as a whole, could be outbound rules, could be outbound blocks, or it could even be international calling? Can you please actually detail what that endpoint refers to in the Web Panel?


Based on the API description, this endpoint refers to the outbound calling policy exception rule for COUNTRY REGION. It allows you to override an account-level enforced outbound calling policy rules. This means that if there are any exceptions for making calls in a particular region users/agents are not permitted due to the account’s policy rules, you can use this rule to allow those outbound calls to take place.

Please let me know if this helps or if there is a need for further clarification. I am happy to work with the documentation to update the API description and make it clearer.