LTI PRO - User authentication logs [VERY IMPORTANT]

Hello there!
I have some questions about the integration of the LTI Pro Apps with an LMS, in this case Moodle.
The question: ¿is there some kind of internal Logs that matches LMS users to Zoom Meeting participants? Even if these logs are not accesible by us (administrators), could I get them privately? It is because a very important legal issue, for some past meetings in our account.

With the Zoom API we are able to get the Meeting Participants, but there are only some arbitrary “id” and “user_id” plus the “name” value. The “name” is not enough not uniquely identify the LMS users to Zoom meeting participants, because this name can be edited inside the Meeting.

So, to summarize the problem:
¿Could a get (privately, and just for this one time) any sort of internal Zoom/LTI Pro logs that map these user loggings? The objective is to uniquely map LMS users to Zoom Meeting Participants through the LTI Pro plugin

Thank you very much, as I said this is a very important legal issue for us, so any help on this would be much appreciated

Hey @adrian.san ,

Just so we are on the same page, can you please share the link to the app your’e using on our marketplace?


Hi, sure,as I said the app is LTI Pro:

Thanks @adrian.san ,

How are you provisioning the Zoom Users into LTI Pro?

You should be able to identify the users based on their id’s or names (even if changed during a meeting, the name in their profile shows up in the API reports/user list).


Thanks for the response Tommy. Our configuration for LTI Pro does not auto-create users.
Trying what you suggest does work (creating a Zoom user for a LMS user).
But we though that the LTI Pro handled the connection between LMS <-> Zoom by itself, with a common field matching IDs

Hey @adrian.san,

I’m glad to hear that worked! When it comes to auto-provisioning users, Zoom uses the email used to activate the Zoom account in order to link the two accounts. Once you have Auto Provisioning set up, this should automate the process of creating a Zoom account if one doesn’t exist.

Let me know if that answers your question.


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