Zoom profile images not storing intermittently via API push


Hello, I wrote a python script using the zoomus package that updates my company members’ photos in bulk (background is we’re using it for promotional stuff when we meet with clients). The script successfully triggers 201 created responses on every single ID in our business, and successfully uploads photo changes at about 80% store rate. Basically, the script works. It seems like there is something on the Zoom side where the picture does not “stick” or store for certain users. There also appears to be no pattern…some of the users will update on one run, whereas some will not, but not consistent between runs.

I have also tried throttling (i.e. creating a 3 second pause in between requests) with no luck. Again, I’m seeing 100% created 201 responses, and also have successful responses with other API requests when necessary. Any ideas? I’m not sure if this is API related or Zoom internal.


You are most likely hitting our API limits. Please try queueing your calls based on our API limits specified here: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/other-references/rate-limits


Hi all,

I am facing a similar issue: I use PowerShell to upload profile pictures from our company’s employee picture library. This works without any problems, and I can see the profile pictures in the web admin portal. But due to whatever reason the client does not pick the pictures up.

Before we started this, some users already had uploaded profile pictures of their own, and I can see that these pictures are there, and even if they are overwritten via the API (v2), the new pictures come up. But anyone who received his or her first picture via API upload, the Zoom client does not pick it up.

I’ve opened a ticket on this, and the support asked me to clear %APPDATA%\Zoo\data, but this did not change anything. Due to another ticked support initiated a IM sync, but this also did not alter the fact.