Zoom Quick Join

So I have 25 meeting IDs and their corresponding password, and I need to join those meeting regularly.

How do I set up so that I don’t have to type id and password everyone when i join the meetings.
I was hoping for some kind of embedded zoom link that I can generate.
And No, I don’t have that auto-generated zoom join link from the hosts. Just the ID and password. That will not be improved.

terminal command, or http link that will help me join the zoom will be perfect. Or even zoom app can save the meeting id and password, or zoom launch option will be also fine. I just need to skip the typing of id and password step. I’m on Mac OS currently.

Thank you so much for you advice in advance.

Hey @andrew8,

The best way to do this is to use our Calendar Integrations which allow you to join meetings directly from your calendar, or your Zoom App.


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