Zoom react native video sdk

Created a new react native project.

installed npm install @zoom/react-native-videosdk --save

run the app, imported ZoomVideoSdkProvider and wrapped my code inside it. when trying to join a session i am getting the error Cannot access the Zoom Video SDK without a ZoomVideoSdkProvider component wrapping your entire application.

Hey, Zoom Video SDK for React Native is a React Native wrapper around the Zoom Video SDKs for iOS and Android.

You’ll need to integrate the native dependencies as listed out in the documentation for getting started and integrate.

Well i did integrate for Android. and i am getting an error when i call the joinSession function.


at com.facebook.react.bridge.ReadableNativeMap.getValue(ReadableNativeMap.java:113)

I’m getting the same error! Any updates?

Actually Sandeep!

What I did to solve this problem is pass the argument in the audioOptions when joining the session, so like so:

await zoom.joinSession({
    sessionName: session,
    sessionPassword: pwd,
    token: token,
     userName: user.getPrimary().name(),
     audioOptions: {
          connect: true,
          mute: true,
          autoAdjustSpeakerVolume: false,
     videoOptions: {
         localVideoOn: true,
     sessionIdleTimeoutMins: 10,
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Thank You ! Daniel, It was helpful