Video SDK for React Native


I am a React Native developer. I tried to integrate the Zoom SDK with the followings

  1. Install the Zoom SDK
    sudo npm install @zoom/react-native-videosdk --save

  2. Type the import statement in the React Native Project

import { ZoomVideoSdkProvider, useZoom,  EventType } from 'react-native-zoom-video-sdk';

The error shown the react-native-zoom-video-sdk could not be found with the project.

  1. I am not understand how to integrate the iOS SDK and Android SDK to the project. Should I create the only download the iOS and Android ZoomSDK and copy to the development folder? Any following step should I do?

  2. I tried to run the following steps in Quickstart sample app, but ‘yarn example start’ did not work.

Hi Thomas - thanks for posting! I agree - something with the docs there might be missing - I’m working through some steps on my end to be sure I can replicate them - I’ll pass that along soon. Thanks!

Hi Kelly. May I have the updates for the missing document?

It turns out that using npm to install the Zoom Video SDK into your project doesn’t work very well as the SDK uses a wrapper around the entire project. You can use these directions to get a general idea of how it would be implemented - Sample app walkthrough.

The easiest solution would be to download the example and plug your app into that framework.

Once you download the React Native wrapper, download the matching Android and iOS Video SDK files and follow these guides to get those parts up and running.



I hope this gets you further along; let me know if not, and I will provide more guidance where I can. We are actively working on ways to make this easier, and if you have any recommendations on where we could help this process out for you, please let me know. Thanks!