Zoom room alert Issue string changes

I used to get the following string for controller disconnected event: Controller has disconnected.

The new event name is: Controller (baker-lrs’s iPad) disconnected.

Can you please add 2 more fields to this alert which don’t change?

  1. Resource Affected
  2. Is Resource Disconnected

You know better about your APIs. But Can we have consistent reliable contract then free form “Issue” string?

Thank you!

Hey @ameya,

You can use the alert_type code for the type of issue.

Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 3.34.47 PM



Can you please add corresponding events when the things get back to normal. For monitoring solutions which we are building can’t work if we don’t know reliably that the things are back to normal.

Hey @ameya,

I’m not sure what normal you are referring to. Maybe your device name changed on your end which caused the string change.


You have “Zoom room offline“ event but no “Zoom room online” event. What’s alert_type for “Zoom room online”?


I see thanks for the clarification @ameya.

We are working on more Zoom Room webhooks. Stay updated here: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/changelog


@tommy - Some more asks around the same area.

Can you please have a separate code for -

  • Mic disconnected
  • Webcam disconnected
  • Camera disconnected
  • Controller Battery is low
  • Scheduling display battery is low
  • Controller disconnected
  • Scheduling display disconnected

I think you get my point.

Also, Can you please tell us what is the underlying object structure you guys use? That will help us shield ourselves from so many changes. May be you can expose that as-is along with extra fields which you build like Issue.

Hey @ameya,

The object structure is listed on our docs.

As for abstracting the codes further I will check with the team to see if this is something we will consider.


@tommy - I could have been clearer. You guys send a specific message: “Selected camera has disconnected” or “Controller has disconnected”. This indicates that there must be some sub-code or other structure underneath which distinguishes controller from scheduling display. Sure, I understand the docs which is what you are publicly exposing. But would be good to know how you guys manage this data internally and if willing to expose it as-is. Thank you for the consideration.

Hey @ameya,

I don’t think we can share how we manage the data internally.


Understood, no problem. Thanks for reply!

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: