Zoom Room Alerts

1st Question:
I am trying to build a webhook enabled app that listens for Zoom Room alerts and I want to process those alerts using Python to only notify me about the alerts that have never resolved (ex: room went offline but never came online again) and that way reduce the clutter of the many notifications/alerts and keep only the alerts that need attention.

Is there a way you can recommend based on that alert Json? or maybe another way I may not know about?

2nd Question:

  "event": "zoomroom.alert",
  "payload": {
    "account_id": "EPAbcdefyZslakjflP",
    "object": {
      "room_name": "MyFabulousZoomRoom",
      "issue": "Zoom room is offline",
      "id": "EbY5jzz2R5KVPn6ZY9wh0A",
      "calendar_name": "myemailforcalendarintegration@somedomain.com",
      "email": "myemailforzoomroom@somedomain.com"

In the example above, is the ID will be the same for every (room/issue) for example if getting an alert that room X is offline with ID: ABCD123 and then when the issue is resolved I will get a JSON with the same ID because it’s a response for the same issue?

Thank you.

Hi - Do you have any ideas here?

Hey @Ben2020, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Once the Zoom Room is back online, you will get a “Zoom Room is online” notification. You can implement logic that if you receive the Zoom Room alert (issue) Webhook, and X time has passed without receiving the “Zoom Room is online”, then you can send a notification / alert that the Zoom Room needs attention.

The "id" is the unique identifier for your Zoom Room. Room X is "id".


Let me know if this helps!


Thanks Tommy, i have a follow up question about the 1st question. do you think that would require a database to store the issue and room id in order to have the logic to check if the response (that the issue was resolved for the room) was received or not after x time?

Hi @Ben2020,

Although it is not required (depending on the design of your integration), we would highly recommend you to have a database to store it.

I hope this helps!


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