Zoom room controller status

In the zoom room dashboard, I see a devices tab that lists the devices connected to the zoom rooms with app version, device system, battery level and status. Is there an api that gives those details?

Hi @Frankie_Alvarado,

Currently our Dashboard API for Zoom room only has status and device_ip[0]. I’ll follow up with the API Engineers to see if we can include app version and battery level.

[0] - https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/api-reference/zoom-api/dashboards/dashboardzoomroom


Hi @michael_p.zoom,

The API you provided strictly gives information just about the zoom room and not the zoom room controller. That’s the information I’m looking for.

@Frankie_Alvarado That panel of Zoom Room device info is our “ZR Monitor” feature. Our REST APIs do not provide access to that info. If you are building your own custom Zoom Room Controller using the ZR-CSAPI, then you can set the Device Info and app version for your Zoom Room Controller, and it shows up in that panel; But that’s a very different customization.

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