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When trying to get information about meetings that have taken place in our Zoom Rooms using our API key, or even using the dashboard (Meetings → Past Meetings), we cannot use the name of a Zoom Room (one with a physical room/hardware associated with it) when searching for meetings that that room participated in, unless we have already found a meeting that room happened to participate in and copy down its unique ‘zoom room email address’, then search for a ‘user’ with that email.

This email address doesn’t show up in Exchange and doesn’t appear to be associated with scheduling at all.

We can’t find any references to this email in the API for Zoom Rooms, either.
Example: one of our rooms has an email of ‘rooms_jbaegatmt0slo8-x_bxkoq@{ourdomain}.com.

Can anyone explain how we can search for these ‘email addresses’ using the APIs?

I figured it out. We have to construct the ‘email address’ by combining:
‘rooms_’ + Zoom Id + ‘@ourdomain.com’ (note this is not Zoom Room Id, but Zoom Id.)
Is this documented anywhere?

Hi @thom.brooks1
Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry for the late reply here!
I see that you were able to figure this out on your own.
Can you please share with me the endpoints you used for this issue, that way I will be able to take a closer look at our Docs and also make a request to our Documentation team to add this note where it should be.

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