Rest API to retrieve meeting ID for a zoom room ID

Currently we are building an App that uses Zoom API. Is there a way to retrieve a meeting_id using a room_id? We are able to fetch a list of Zoom Rooms using either API:

However, to join the zoom room from the client SDK, we will need to get the meeting_id and the above 2 api only returns the room_id. I checked the admin portal and reach room has a predefined meeting_id. Is there anyway I get retrieve the meeting_id form a room_id?

Hey @enga, thanks for using Zoom!

We have new Zoom Room APIs coming soon that should have this functionality.

As a work around, you could try calling GET /metrics/zoomrooms/{zoomroomId} and grab the Meeting ID from the past_meetings > meetings array.

Let me know if this helps!


Hi Tommy,

Thanks for the prompt reply!
I tried using the workaround as you suggested but for some of the rooms, there might not be a recent meeting. I also tried using the "from", "to" query params to increase the past meeting search range and seems like the maximum interval I can query for is 1 month.

Are there any other workarounds I can use? Or is it possible to include the meeting_id in the /metrics/zoomrooms api?


Hey @enga, happy to help.

Unfortunately As of now that is the only work around until the new Zoom Room Endpoints are finished.

You can track our releases here.