Zoom screen stuck on specific sites

I am using zoom (non-premium) for quite some time now, and I notice it’s screen is hanging or sticking on particular sites constantly after I share the screen with my team.
Those sites are:

  • Wikipedia

  • Github

  • Facebook pages

  • crassulacare site

  • Facebook business manager
    I have checked it multiple time but I cannot figure out what is happening and why the screen is hanging on these completely random sites.
    NOTE: CRASSULACARE (https://crassulacare.com/) is my personal website which I use for SEO tutorials.
    My site has many issues like unused css, unused javascript, and accordion FAQs not opening after using shortcode ultimate (it is conflicting with a plugin).

Unable to figure.

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to ‘crassula care site, and other sites that I mentioned above.’
  2. Click on ‘. non-premium zoom’
  3. check out these sites while using free zoom share screen option
  4. Check out if the screen is sticking or hanging for you too.

Deleted free zoom, so don’t have screenshots at the moment.
I am windows 10.
Additional context
I got attacked with malware last week, I nullified it later, but I got some damage.

Hey @fareed974,

Are you using the Zoom Web SDK?


Hey Tommy,
Thanks for the reply.
Yes. I was, but I not using since then.

Hey @fareed974,

Are you still having this issue? Happy to look into it for you.


Hey Tommy,
I have been using it again after re installation, and I haven’t face the same issue since then.
Thanks mate.

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Thanks for the update! :slight_smile:

Please do let me k now if you run into the issue again.


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