Laptop Hangs in between the zoom meeting

I have been using zoom from last 6 months recently I have noticed that it’s screen is hanging or sticking on particular sites constantly after I share the screen with my team, I have a good laptop with a dedicated GPU,
Those sites are:

  • W3School
  • Github
  • video and Image Editing Software like adobe premier, and illustrator, Camtasia.
  • Social media accounts and pages.

My system Specs and OS.

Windows 10 user
Acer nitro 5 i5 10th gen with dedicated GPU of 1650ti, 16Gb ram and SSD as well.

Note: One of my client site is attacked by hacker’s and I successfully recover it with some paid plugins hosting supporters etc., is that virus transferred to my laptop?

Thank You.

Hey @loganmoran1424,

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