Zoom SDK Black Screen on iOS 11


We’ve integrated Zoom SDK in our F2F iOS app and video conference is working perfectly fine in case of iOS 10. However, in iOS 11 we have noticed that sometime at host’s end black screen appears instead of video conference screen. Camera & mic at host end is still active in this case as other attendees can listen to or see video of host. Please advise how this issue can be resolved.



Hi Face2Face, 

I tested with Zoom SDK sample, I can not reproduce this error. Could you use sample to verify?




Hi, we face the same issue on iOS 11, but it will only appear where compiled by XCODE 9. Is it a compatible issue?  



we haven’t support iOS 11 using Xcode 9 to build, we will support this in the next release.



Could you give us a sense of how soon you expect to have a release out that does work with Xcode 9?


We have uploaded a testing build for supporting Xcode 9, please download it from the following link and have a try:






the same situation


Hi, is this issue solved of black screen? I am too getting the same issue in the swift sample app and also in my own iOS App. I get a blank screen in app.