Zoom SDK Camera Off Display Capabilities

Currently, there are limited capabilities when the camera is off. The only method that I currently see is setScreenName. I would like the ability to draw or change the profile picture, are there any such methods?

When the camera is on, you’re able to call the draw methods.

I may need a bit more context here. Are you using Camera Mode? Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing in place of the user?


So, here is a screenshot of me drawing a red box onto my video. My camera is on, and I am using the method zoomSdk.drawImage to draw the red box (after creating the ImageData and setting the renderingContext to camera).


I was wondering if there are any capabilities to draw when camera is OFF. So when I turn my camera off, I am unable to draw this red square.

Is there any method in the Zoom SDK that allows us to draw something when the camera is OFF? Reactions appear when camera is off (see below), so I know the capability is there.

But is there currently an API that allows drawing something custom when the camera is OFF?

Thank you for clarifying! Unfortunately, we do not have any function that would allow you to draw over a disabled camera or an avatar. If this is something we see demand for here in the forum we can work to create a feature request.