Zoom SDK For iOS Meeting Service delegate not working

I want to do save the start date_time and call end date_time, but it’s delegate is not called , i am setting the

meetingSesrvice.delegate = self

here is the code :

  if let meetingSesrvice = MobileRTC.shared()?.getMeetingService()
            print("Connecting to : \(viewModel.currentMeeting?.meeting_id ?? "NO Meeting id ")")
 meetingSesrvice.delegate = self
            let dicParams = [kMeetingParam_Username:viewModel.userInfo?.fname ?? "Unknown",
                             kMeetingParam_MeetingNumber:viewModel.currentMeeting?.meeting_id ?? "",
            meetingSesrvice.joinMeeting(with: dicParams)

Please help

Which version?
Vers : 4.3.1

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  • OS: [e.g. iOS12.0]

Additional context
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Hi dhiraj,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. You code looks good, which delegate are you referring to? There are a lot of callbacks in the MeetingService delegate. Could you have a try to see if the onMeetingStateChanged callback is being triggered? Could you share more information on which particular callback is not trigger under what circumstance?


I have specific task to perform ,

When every user join the video call then i have i call our API to record start and once user left meeting or host ended the call then i have to record end time , what is the way to understand when user has started call and when ended the call

Hey @dhiraj,

One solution could be to use the Meeting Participant Joined and Meeting Participant Left / Meeting Ended Webhook.

You can learn more about Zoom webhooks here.

Let me know if this helps,