Zoom SDK iOS and Ionic Demo documentation not up to date?

trying to run Zoom Ionic demo - there seems to be fields that need to be added in the code such as zoomToken = ’ ';
zoomAccessToken = ’ ';
userId = ’ ';

and the SDK key/secret is not authenticating???

iOS SDK - I had to use these sdk key/secret to get a jwt token before it would authenticate,(and no function to update the payload automatically ) but even after finally getting the sdk to register, none of the functions (meet now/join meeting) work - I see a few constants that are null that I am assuming I need to add such as user id, user token etc.)

Which version?
Ionic SDK is this v =[v4.6.21666.0512]
iOS SDK v = [v5.0.24433.0616]

Hey @horsesmag

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We apologize for the confusion. You will not need to use the field “zoomToken”. You will only need to use the field zoomAccessToken if you are starting a meeting without the user logging in.

The parameters that are required are different depending on if you joining a meeting, starting a meeting after logging in, and starting a meeting without logging in. When using any of the demo applications make sure that the field “domain” is filled. I use “zoom.us” for this field. If a domain is not specified, the sdk will authorize but the meetings will not work.

If the SDK is authorizing properly, that is a good sign :slight_smile:

The easiest way to troubleshoot joining/starting meetings is to start a Zoom meeting on your computer using the Zoom app. Then in the SDK demo apps, or your own app that uses the SDK, try Joining the meeting by giving it the meeting number and password. Starting a meeting is more complicated because it requires more authentication than joining a meeting.

Please let me know if you have any other issues here.