Generated ZAK not able to join as HOST in Ionic SDK

We are trying to generate zoom access token using following api url
"" + userId + “/token?type=zak”;

Access token is generated. But when we use the same in IONIC. The user enters the meeting as a participant instead of joining as a host.

this.zoomService.startMeetingWithZAK(meetingNumber, displayName, zoomToken, zoomAccessToken, userId, options)
  .then((success: any) => console.log(success))
  .catch((error: any) => console.log(error));

Please guide us through

Hi meetings1,

Thanks for the post. I just tried with our Ionic demo app and I am able to host a meeting with the tokens. Could you have a try with our iOS SDK demo( or the Android SDK demo(, and see if the same token and credentials work as expected?

Hope this helps. Thanks!