Zoom SDK not returning error when unable to join

Hi all,

So we are experiencing one weird issue in our app.

When a user wants to join a video call and clicks on a button we initialize Zoom SDK via keys, so we do not use JWT tokens, and the user starts connecting to the meeting. If you shut down the internet connection right after that (and before waiting for a host or joined state) after a minute you’ll get the disconnecting state and call ended state, but not failed or network error. This seems like a bug as we would expect Zoom to throw an error that it is unable to join a video meeting. It is reproducible 100% of the time if you shut down the internet right after connecting state.

System on which we are testing: iOS 14.*
Devices: Any iPhone
Zoom SDK version: v5.2.42037.1112

Hey @simic.aleksandar87,

Thank you for using the dev forum!
I will inform the team of this behavior.