Error in Joining session


I am getting this session joining error frequently. There is a particular scenario for this one.
Once when I join a session and completes that session and leave , and try to join another session SDK is throwing Zoom video sdk error 2005.

For [revious session, when i hangup I got session leaving success call back from SDK. even then I am facing this Errors_Session_Already_In_Progress issue.

Can you please guide me on this one?

Which iOS Video SDK version?
IOS video SDK 1.2.3

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPhone 12 pro
  • OS: iOS 14.7

Additional context
After force quit the app, the first call will work seemlessly, but then after no calls will connect.

Hi @nagamuni,

The error code you are seeing indicates that you are already connected to a session. Can you please confirm how you are checking that you have successfully left the previous session? Also can you try checking through another SDK instance if other users in the session you left are also seeing you leave the session?


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