Zoom SDK questions

I got some question for prompt clarification.

(1) Is there any track record for both Zoom sdk/API (PC/Mobile) and Zoom Fully Customizable SDK ? Any comparison matrix ?
(2) Given that we have 400 (relationship manager) and we have 700 customers per RM and 1 video call for 1/3 customers per day, how much would we pay for Zoom SDK/API license ? 400 X 700 Zoom Pro licenses ? How much for Zoom Fully Customizable SDK ? What is the proposed architecture ?
(3) Is there any live demo mobile/web app (apk file or so) for POC ?
(4) Is there any Zoom SDK plugin on livexpert, liveperson, Symphony or similar products for easy integration ?
(5) May we know whether both Zoom SDKs can work fine with Financial Hardware Security Module (HSM), Global Relay, Symantec DLP and Digital Reasoning (https://digitalreasoning.com/)?
(6) May we know when web/mobile app using Zoom SDK can communicate with pure Zoom mobile/web app ?
E.g. Make a call using web/mobile app using Zoom SDK to pure Zoom mobile app, vice versa
(7) Is there any official Zoom SDK solution architecture and technical presentation in ppt/word ?
(8) Is there any additional service for Zoom SDK/API technical support, e.g. Production Support, Professional Services on development and so on ? There are similar services in the big technical players, e.g. IBM and Oracle. See whether you have the similar services. If yes, how much for each ?

Thanks so much.

Mr. Lau