Zoom sends an unwanted email "Your meeting was deleted"

Description: I use Zoom API to delete zoom meetings DELETE https://api.zoom.us/v2/meetings/{model.MeetingId}?schedule_for_reminder=false&cancel_meeting_reminder=false
According to the documentation this request shouldn’t send an email ‘Your meeting was deleted’.
But for me it works randomly, sometimes I receive email, sometimes I don’t receive. Can you explain me where is the problem?

Hi @n.afanasiev_2 ,

Sounds like a bug. Can you please provide screenshot proof via private message:

  • developer email associated with app being used to call Zoom open API
  • app client id used to generate access token
  • copy of the API request/response
  • copy of the email
  • meeting id/uuid

Hi @Gianni, I do not see an option to send you a private message. Can you please clarify how to do it?

Hi @n.afanasiev_2 ,

Click on your profile and the “letter icon”. I will re-message you.


Hi @Gianni, I do not see an icon. Can you please provide a screenshot?


Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 4.50.27 PM

@Gianni, Seems I don’t have this option

Hi @n.afanasiev_2 ,

That is quite bizarre! Can you please try logging out and in again? Do you see any mentions of messages in your notifications tab? I get message notifications there as well.

Hi @n.afanasiev_2 ,

Thank you for sharing your evidence and how to reproduce via message. Able to reproduce and there is a ticket to service engineering as this is unexpected behavior (ZSEE-112086).

Hi @n.afanasiev_2 , can you please send updated meeting ids (within the last 7 days) where this has occurred? We are not able to reproduce and the back end data has expired. Sorry for the inconveniene!

Hi @n.afanasiev_2 ,

We are not able to reproduce still. Can you please provide a recording of the issue from obtaining the token to getting the deleted meeting email? Please share in our message thread.

Hi @n.afanasiev_2 , we have not received any update and will have to close this inquiry. If this is still an issue, please link to this thread to any new one you may create and tag me.