Zoom sends an unwanted email "Your meeting was deleted"

Description: I use Zoom API to delete zoom meetings DELETE https://api.zoom.us/v2/meetings/{model.MeetingId}?schedule_for_reminder=false&cancel_meeting_reminder=false
According to the documentation this request shouldn’t send an email ‘Your meeting was deleted’.
But for me it works randomly, sometimes I receive email, sometimes I don’t receive. Can you explain me where is the problem?

Hi @n.afanasiev_2 ,

Sounds like a bug. Can you please provide screenshot proof via private message:

  • developer email associated with app being used to call Zoom open API
  • app client id used to generate access token
  • copy of the API request/response
  • copy of the email
  • meeting id/uuid

Hi @Gianni, I do not see an option to send you a private message. Can you please clarify how to do it?

Hi @n.afanasiev_2 ,

Click on your profile and the “letter icon”. I will re-message you.


Hi @Gianni, I do not see an icon. Can you please provide a screenshot?


Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 4.50.27 PM

@Gianni, Seems I don’t have this option

Hi @n.afanasiev_2 ,

That is quite bizarre! Can you please try logging out and in again? Do you see any mentions of messages in your notifications tab? I get message notifications there as well.

Hi @n.afanasiev_2 ,

Thank you for sharing your evidence and how to reproduce via message. Able to reproduce and there is a ticket to service engineering as this is unexpected behavior (ZSEE-112086).

Hi @n.afanasiev_2 , can you please send updated meeting ids (within the last 7 days) where this has occurred? We are not able to reproduce and the back end data has expired. Sorry for the inconveniene!

Hi @n.afanasiev_2 ,

We are not able to reproduce still. Can you please provide a recording of the issue from obtaining the token to getting the deleted meeting email? Please share in our message thread.