Your Meeting - This is a calendar meeting Is Deleted

I have a user that receives an email saying “Your Meeting - This is a calendar meeting Is Deleted” right after she created the meeting…
Every time the user creates a meeting, she receive the mail right after. She is not adding a room, only attendees, and it doesn’t matter whom she invite.
It looks like the problem only exist when the meeting is created in Gmail. Created in Zoom App will not trigger the email

Any ideas?

Hey @brian.praem,

It sounds like this is likely an issue with the way their Zoom is synced with their Gmail/Calendar. I would recommend reaching out to about this, and providing them with an example of the email that is generated. They should be able to help with this!


Thanks Will, I did that now…

Thanks, @brian.praem — they’ll be able to further investigate this for you.


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