Zoom SMS Call Queue (Get Request)

We have a question regarding the Call Queue for SMS data from Zoom API’s.Our team is building solution to archive call queue data for SMS.

We can get the call queue exchange which is happening between Call Queue and internal account users.
But any SMS exchange from external number to Call Queue (which is eventually handled by an internal account) is not provided through Zoom API. Can you please clarify if this is the limitation of the API.

Our setup scenario and SMS exchange is elaborated below

  1. External Number (075xxxxxx)
  2. SMSCallQueue (Members)
    o Member1
    o Member2
  3. InternalAccountUser

SMS Exchange Sessions

  1. External Number (075xxxxxx)- > SMSCallQueue(Member1)
  2. SMSCallQueue(Member1) → InternalAccountUser
  3. External Number (075xxxxxx) → InternalAccountUser

Zoom API’s are not providing data from SMS Exchange Session 1
i.e. External Number (075xxxxxx)- > SMSCallQueue(Member1)