Zoom Transcript feature by zoom meeting SDK

So I am building an application for English students who have to practice speaking English, i have checked zoom plans and I have found that the zoom Small businesses license can support a transcript feature for calls so I have 3 questions.

1- Assuming i have 2000 daily active users and about 1000 daily meetings 1:1 how much will be the monthly operation cost.

2- Regarding the Transcript feature, how long does it usually take to download the transcript after 30 minutes meeting duration? and is that transcript feature done by Otter.ai?

3- I have seen a video on youtube (How to enable FREE Zoom live captioning #feisworld #zoom #livecaption #transcription - YouTube) which demonstrates Live transcript, is that possible within the sdk? and how much does the operation cost?

looking forward to hearing from you.

Hey @youssef27,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

For pricing questions please reach out to isvsupport@zoom.us.
In regards to question 3: The SDK supports live transcripts in the default UI only.


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