Zoom User Deletion Alert

Can we achieve User account deletion Alert notification on Zoom via API


Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
If you can assist us here for the right way as we have JWT setup currently. We are seeing some issues where some accounts get deleted and we are not updated as we need to reach either AD team to have this checked further.

Which Endpoint/s?
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How To Reproduce (If applicable)
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  1. Request URL / Headers (without credentials) / Body
  2. See error

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Hi @sanjeev.kumar1 you can use our Webhooks to subscribe to User Deactivated, User Disassociated, and User Deleted events.

You can subscribe to these notifications as triggers to send commands to AD.

Hi Michael ,

Thanks for your email. As you say trigger to send command to AD ( What this all about AD is it Active Directory or something else)



Hi @sanjeev.kumar1 when you receive the notification from our webhooks, the command to AD will need to be handled by your service.

Hi @michael.harrington,

Can you please help me here in getting more insight “when you receive the notification from our webhooks, the command to AD will need to be handled by your service.” What is basically AD is it Active Directory ?? If you can route me to any links which i can refer or any specific documentation that will be great. Also can you guide me if there is any free application available for " Event Notification Endpoint URL" as i am new to this process integration and trying my hands here.
Stay safe and well !!


Hey @michael.harrington, @sanjeev.kumar1,

Can you confirm what AD is so I can help? Not sure what you are referring to.


Hi @tommy i am not sure what is the reference point with regards to AD. Is it Active directory ?? Anyway the Zoom is provisioned through OKTA and top on OKTA we have Active directory. Any changes on Active directory pushes changes to OKTA and then OKTA use SCIM API and used JIT provisioning .Any changes on OKTA will not reflect on Active directory.

For setting up Webhook needed help for notifcation URL as we dont have any setup for Webhook as Notification URL is not setup. Do i need to use third party application for it.

Hey @sanjeev.kumar1,

You can test our webhooks using a service like https://webhook.site/

After you test, you can either build your own HTTP POST Endpoint to accept webhooks or use a third party service.