Zoom User Provisioning (Auto Deletion of inactive users)

We have AD as well as IDP for SSO(Google), and would like to have a possibility to auto delete users from zoom console if they are inactive/suspended in AD.
We are using “SAML Advanced Information Mapping” to auto provision the user as Licensed or Basic based on the Attribute value set in AD.
Similarly, looking for option to delete the users from zoom console if they are inactive/suspended in AD.


Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

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Hey @hemant.sarode.ext,

Good question—since this is in reference to user provisioning/sso, please reach out to our Technical Support team here, as they’re the experts in this domain. They’ll be best suited to assist with this.


@will.zoom : Thanks for your response. I did reach out to the technical team but did not get solution. There is a solution in case where AD directly syncs with Zoom but in our case there is a IDP in between AD and ZOOM. Hence they said its not possible.
So i thought maybe i can get some solution here.

Hi @hemant.sarode.ext,

I see, thanks for sharing that. At this time, I do believe this is the case, and I will defer to them on this as they’re the experts on this.


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