Zoom User Token at Web SDK to Join The Meeting

Can I user user token to access meetings with required authentication?

Create new custCreate users for each meeting and add them as registrants (auto approve).
I want to use Web SDK to join the meeting on behalf of the approved registrant using users’s token.
The meeting is require authentiaction.

I can’t find the option to authorize user at web SDK using token, only JWT

It navigats me to Zoom login page, which dosn’t make sense for custCreate users

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce t:

  1. Create a meeting
  2. Create an atendee (custCreate), request token
  3. Add the atendee as registrant
  4. Start meeting
  5. Try to join the meeting as custCreared atendee

Additional context
Web SDK 1.8.6

Hey @dev_strikersoft ,

Great question, checkout my post here:


Hi Tommy,
thanks for your reply.

The outstanding question:
I want to add extra protection on meeting and control who can join as attendee.
Idea was to use combination of meeting registrant and meeting requires authentication option.

  1. I can’t join the meeting as registrant from Web SDK
  2. My users created with custCreate option, they can’t authenticate in zoom account, only Token. Can I use custCreate user token in websdk to join meeting as registrant if meeteng requires authentication

Thanks in advance

Hey @dev_strikersoft ,

Correct, but in an upcoming release, this will be possible. Stay updated here:

Not at the moment, no. We are working on a token authentication flow for a future release.


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