Login the user Behalf of the user(automatically) when Joining a meeting or webinar in my application

Hi I am Ramkrishna,
I am using a zoom meeting and webinar rest API.

is there a possibility

my requirement is

  • : In my application , i am giving meeting or webinar Join_url . through user can join a meeting or webinar automatically (Behalf of the user)
  1. first admin will create users in zoom account

  2. when users coming to join meetings or webinars in my application so it should automatically login (authorize with added users in zoom account ).with the help of my application login email id .

  • so through that, i can achieve user login without a password and with one meeting one user can login .

Please guide me, through which rest API, I can achieve my requirement.

Hey @jadhavramkrishna7,

This is possible via OAuth.

The user will need to login once, then you will get an access_token which you can use to take actions on their behalf.

Checkout our guide here:


Let me know if you have additional questions! :slight_smile:


Thank you @tommy for giving reply.

Through Oauth API I have only Ower created (Oauth Build App) client id to get access token but how can authenticate with every user which is added in zoom account with single owner client id.

my requirement is

  1. first I have to create my application users in zoom account without user approval. in that, i don`t want to use


with action =autoCreate because I have to do managed domain process.

  1. when the same user which is add in the zoom account. They are joining the meeting it should authenticate with Behalf of the user.
  • so may I know how can achieve my requriment useing rest API.

  • actually we are useing zoom meeting and webinar. In that we are faceing problem is we user joining meeting on top meeting password is able to see but through API we can no able to hide.

  • so I want like that flow. which can able to authenticate user when joining meeting same user is valid and only one user is accessing meeting with Behalf of the user when he joining the meeting.


Hey @jadhavramkrishna7,

I am having a hard time understanding what you are trying to do.

Have you looked at meeting / webinar registration, which will give a user a unique join url?


I am thinking through user rest api


can able to create meeting participants zoom account , without participant permission using rest API.

when participants joining the meeting through my web application. the participant should authenticate with zoom account.

is a possible flow?

Hey @jadhavramkrishna7,

I don’t understand this part. You just want them to be able to join the meeting?


i want tall when zoom account owner creates a participant account without participant permission.

the same participant coming to join meeting through join_url.

that time i want sent some unique id which generated at the time create participant account behalf of the user.

so i will know which user joins the meeting.

through that same user should not join meeting with same credentials.

so can stop joining meeting with same account( or credentials )

Just chiming in here, as we have done something like this–

You should use meeting or webinar with registrations

You should track zoom registration ID in your system. From API when you create registration, you will get a unique Join URL

Send the proper user to the right join URL. to prevent the user from re-using the link you may be able to turn off the “join from multiple devices” option

Use webhooks to receive meeting.join or webinar.join events, which will include registration ID, so you know that a person has joined. Not sure what would happen if you used this event to delete the registration on zoom so the link can’t be used again.

Hope this helps.

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Hey @gagathos, thanks for chiming in! :slight_smile:

I agree @jadhavramkrishna7. I suggest using meeting registration.

After you create the user, register them for the meeting. Here is the Create Registrant API endpoint..

Then you can utilize the reports / dashboard participant APIs, and webhooks.